5 Industry-Specific Digital Transformation Examples

This has mainly been built around the introduction of Artificial Intelligence systems though the Nike app or other customer loyalty systems such as the SNKRS app. Eaton is an intelligent power management company with over 90,000 employees in more than 175 countries. They approached digital transformation with a strategic vision by bring together leadership from across all divisions for an “Enterprise Industry 4.0 Governance Council”. Starting with organization-wide goals gave the company the guidance necessary to identify the most high-impact use cases.

Digital transformation examples

SII Group is one of the best digital transformation examples in banking. They needed a solution to automate their back-office finance processes. They found Kissflow a perfect fit for them since the platform made it easy for anyone to visualize and create workflows from scratch. Has entered the digital world with its new services and become the most successful digital transformation examples. Co-browsing technology is being adopted by new markets where mobile apps offer real time customer support. Leveraging Low Code for Digital Transformation Thanks to low-code development, organizations can now drive their digital transformation efforts full-speed ahead.

Accelerating Digital Experiences

After acquiring the digitally-focused ING Direct, Capital One launched an ambitious plan to morph itself into a digital innovation leader. Today, it’s a software powerhouse with a technology staff of roughly 11,000 and with more than 500 artificial intelligence patents. The financial services revolution involves much more than the shift to mobile banking and cash apps. Consumers now use cash airdrops, cardless payments through services like Apple Pay on phones or watches, and completely bankless banking. Digital transformation removes silos between the digital world and the real world, improving customer experiences, efficiency, and data. Magenest has successfully implemented a lot of projects for businesses around the world and has acquired many professional certifications from technology partners.

Nike is a multinational company which manufactures and supplies athletic apparel to the public while employing up to 80,000 people worldwide. Dominoes is a fast food pizza chain and is recognised in many different countries as the world’s top pizza delivery service provider. In 2008 dominoes wanted to reinvent themselves after a series of backlash and criticism from their customers, and in doing so recognised that technology may be the stepping stone to doing this. Vuforia Studio enables companies to distribute enterprise-wide augmented reality content on phones, tablets, and Microsoft’s HoloLens 2.

As organizations grow customer touchpoints become increasingly disconnected. Portals allow organizations to centralize information and resources so customers can always find what they need. 5G offers massive connection power and lightning-fast speeds, promising to digitally transform the healthcare industry. Telemedicine requires a network that can support high-quality video in real-time. 5G networks will enable telemedicine services to be offered over mobile networks allowing doctors to serve patients in remote areas.

As climate change becomes a more pressing issue, these sustainability best practices can help your data center go greener, which … Organizations can use the iPadOS Files app to manage files locally or in the cloud. Google Cloud lets you use startup scripts when booting VMs to improve security and reliability. Evolution of chief information officer role from enabler to a full-fledged partner in achieving business goals. Enhanced ability to innovate, as a nimbler workforce and updated technology capabilities support and encourage experimentation, while also limiting risk.

Digital transformation is a process of integrating digital solutions/services to improve how the business operates and delivers value to customers. Every industry is embracing digital transformation to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of their customers. During the pandemic, digital solutions by dining providers became our best friends.

On the back of that structure, FinTechs and software developers were then able to improve its ability to innovate and increase profits. People management is also a critical aspect of digital transformation, as the change process can be disruptive to employees (Zhang et al., 2022). Companies must be prepared to invest in training and support for employees to help them adapt to new technologies and processes and to reduce the risk of resistance. This involves changing the company’s culture to be more open to new technologies and processes and embracing a continuous improvement culture. According to a 2018 report by Deloitte, companies that adopt a digital culture are more likely to succeed in their DT journey (Konersmann et al., 2021). This is because they are better equipped to respond to changing market demands and to take advantage of new technologies as they become available.

As a result, business leaders can understand how customers interact with every marketing campaign they run — whether direct mail, in-store, TV, digital advertising, email, or social media. Intelligent manufacturing, also called Industry 4.0, represents the integration of advanced technologies . For instance, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and robotics, into the manufacturing process to achieve a highly efficient and flexible production system. The trend has gained traction in the Chinese manufacturing industry in recent years. Many companies have adopted it to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance product quality.

Digital Transformation Examples in Marketing and Operations

In the context of a business, robots have played an important role in improving operational efficiency and assisting/replacing people in higher-level tasks. Robotics is also one of the big digital transformation technologies in 2020. According to surveys, there are ¼ businesses using smart robots in their operations. This percentage is estimated to rise to ⅓ in the next two years, indicating a bright future for the industry. It would seem that Disney World parks are the most “analogue” entertainment. Unexpectedly, however, the brand has become one of the excellent digital transformation examples and greatly improved visitor experience.

Wise is a company that has succeeded in creating a borderless account and app for businesses, freelancers, and migrants to conduct business and send money in multiple currencies. Beyond implementing new technologies to support your employees and customers better, digital transformation requires a culture that is open to embracing change, experimentation, and failure. Digital transformation applies to anything that changes from analog to digital. Think of filing paper records at a doctor’s office, which are now digitized into electronic health records with scheduling and monitoring capabilities beyond paper and pen. The success of digital transformation in an organization relies on an openness to innovation and flexibility. Let’s look at some examples from that article that detail how digitally transforming your messaging strategy can increase customer engagement and reduce your costs.

They have used digital culture, data analytics, digital marketing, and automation . Data analytics can identify inefficiencies in the manufacturing process and implement improvements to increase efficiency. It has led to its biggest milestone after its first successful flight.

It can reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of products. Automation helps digitize operations, which refers to converting manual processes into digital ones. This can be achieved through digital tools like repetitive tasks and streamlined processes. This leads to improved efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced accuracy. The first key is adopting digital tools to make information more accessible across the organization, which more than doubles the likelihood of a successful transformation.

Previously, the brand licensed its content, including Netflix, but finally decided to sell its content itself. NIKE’s digital transformation shows that innovation can also lead to modernizing internal company operations. By digitizing 6,000 footwear materials, company design teams can work faster and more efficiently. The company has created, among others, a mobile application that helps choose the best type of shoe based on a leg scan.

You can build a robust online presence and reach new customers and previously inaccessible markets. You can also improve your customer service and create efficiencies throughout your organization. Take your time with your competitors to outstrip your digital capabilities – start planning your digital transformation today. Businesses must embrace digital transformation to stay competitive in today’s digital age. The transformation process involves using technology to change how you do business, from gathering and storing data to interacting with customers.

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Vectrona, a PTC partner, has assisted the Air Force in this effort and specifically explored augmented and mixed reality technologies and solutions. Vectrona chose PTC and Microsoft’s augmented reality technology to support the Air Force’s needs. Leading the investment http://albatros-international.com/brahman_i_brahmadajtia.htm in digital transformation are industrial companies. PTC’s State of Digital Transformationfound that 92 percent of industrial companies are on a digital transformation journey and the majority are spending more than a $1 million annually on the effort.

  • However, the best way to develop an effective digital transformation strategy is to learn by example.
  • As of 2021, 90 different processes and forms can be accessed in one place for citizens to make transactions with their government without needing assistance from an agent or submitting paper requests.
  • Analyze where the market is heading so the organization can anticipate the potential for digital disruption and how it can be the disruptor instead of being disrupted by others.
  • These seven major companies show that changes might not occur overnight, but investing in digital transformation can make a large financial impact over time.
  • According to a recent study by IDC, companies can increase revenue by 34% using a digital-first approach.

Retailers have implemented omnichannel strategies offering customers more flexible ways to shop and interact online, on their phone, or in the store. For example, a lot of stores now enable shoppers to purchase items online and pickup those items in a local store. According to a PTC survey, 40% of management executives believe that operational efficiency is the biggest advantage DT brings.

Improved customer experience

Additionally, the adoption of technologies plays an important role across digital transformations. On average, respondents say their organizations are using four of 11 technologies we asked about, with traditional web tools cited most often and used in the vast majority of these efforts. China has actively promoted intelligent manufacturing, with the government investing in research and developing advanced technologies. It offers support for companies to upgrade their production facilities and processes. This has resulted in significant improvements in the country’s manufacturing industry, making it more competitive in the global market .

Digital transformation examples

An important project of the company is the NIKE + program, which rewards the most active loyalty program members. In Japan, where the solution was implemented, it led to a significant increase in sales. The NIKE SNKRS application was also successful, where the distinguished shoes recorded a 100% increase in sales. For the furniture industry tycoon this includes intelligent kitchen equipment and lighting. The company also uses Augmented Reality in the IKEA Place application to make it easier for customers to choose furniture and virtually “furnish” the apartment before making purchases in the store.

But, as you can imagine, the number of use cases and applications is rapidly increasing. Digital transformation is the convergence of technology, data, and analytics to enable better decision-making, enhance customer experiences, and drive business outcomes. The new MyVMware is an integrated, account-based portal that allows customers to manage product license keys and support. The users can search for information quicker, access self-service downloads and evaluations, and enter multiple sites through a single account. The digital transformation of businesses widely differs based on the organization’s specific challenges and demands; however, there are a few constants that all businesses should consider as they start on it.

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Agents can also hold multiple conversations simultaneously over live chat and so serve more people in the same amount of time or even seamlessly transfer customers to more specialized agents if needed. For agents this has been a massive help, it’s allowed them to bypass lead qualifying steps and get a first meeting setup in just minutes. Level 4.0 has also used video with other clients to connect customers with experts, offer virtual tours of the showroom, and demonstrate vehicle features in real time. Agent on Demand has served thousands of passengers and proved a real boon to United’s customer satisfaction scores. United Airlines now has a more meaningful way to interact with customers, as well as provide a fast, helpful, and empathetic service. This, coupled with the impact of COVID-19, means convenience has never been higher on their agenda.

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This service provides an easily accessible, secure, and safe virtual platform for telehealth. It is nearly impossible to pinpoint when the digital transformation started. There is no right answer because digital transformation, on a global scale, is the sum of the collective changes in the digital age. Even in an organization when a digital transformation is “completed,” it requires maintenance and re-evaluation. These user-facing tools offer features like password reset, self-logging of incidents, service requests, and knowledge base searches. They can also include more interactive services like collaborative spaces, chat services, and embedded social media feeds that are relevant to service issues.

In a globally and digitally connected landscape, digital transformation is more than keeping up with the rest of the world and your industry—it’s about continuing to innovate and seek new, better ways of doing things. Before its DT journey, Comac’s manufacturing system was mainly based on traditional methods, such as manual labor and manual processes. The company faced several challenges, including inefficiencies in its operations, low productivity, and high costs (Zhang et al., 2022).